Canada Over the Edge is an aerial-documentary series exploring the features that define Canada:

The most-expansive coastline on Earth, and the world's longest, undefended border.

It's a never-before-seen view of Canada - rising up and bearing witness to our nation's natural diversity and beauty. The meeting place of the ocean and land is the birthplace of this country's history, and the frontline of climate change. Our borders separate us from our neighbours, but also reveal how closely intertwined our histories and futures are. From the air, we have the rare opportunity to explore the world's top wildlife and nature reserves from viewpoints never imagined. On the ground, we explore the cultural and historical secrets locked in the contours of this coastline.

Using the state- of-the-art Cineflex camera system mounted on the nose of our "A Star" helicopter fleet, "Canada Over the Edge" will produce the most incredible collection of stabilized, high definition images ever recorded on Canada's coasts. Capable of zooming in more than 30 km, we capture never before seen natural wonders along our shore, bringing landscape and history to life in crystal-clear close-up focus.